Слова благодарности

Дорогие братья и сестры! Наш монастырь искренне благодарит всех организаторов и участников сбора гуманитарной финансовой помощи. Эти средства, по их получении,будут целево использоваться в делах милосердия монастыря, а так же в благоустройстве и развитии обители. Переданные нам имена жертвователей и благотворителей внесены в алтарные поминальные списки для пожизненного поминовения, а так же в список сорокоустов Свято-Пантелеимоновского храма г. Луганска. Ваши усилия и неравнодушие помогают и нам укрепляться духом, утверждаться в вере, не опускать руки, не оставлять дел милосердия! Спаси Вас Господи!

С сестринской любовью во Христе,

по благословению строителя и духовника
обители прт. Андрея Дубины
и по поручению сестер и братий
м.Наталья Кузнецова,
оператор компьютерной сети
Луганского Свято-Ольгинского
женского монастыря




On January 23, our youth held its first – and we hope, annual – Tatiana Ball at the Russian Embassy. The evening yielded over $15,000. All of the proceeds from that endeavor will go toward charitable assistance to needy children. The day after the Ball we sent $3,000 to Donetsk, to the “Dobrota Foundation.” Those resources were used to purchase groceries and medicine, which were distributed to 10 children’s hospitals and children’s institutions in the Donetsk war zone. Several days later, Dr. Jacob Rogalin, director of the Foundation, sent us the “Greetings, Dear Fr. Victor and all of the parishioners of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in This letter is to inform you that today the charitable Dobrota Foundation of which I am director, received a donation in the amount of $3,000 (US) via PayPal.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your active charity and can assure you that these funds will be used sparingly, solely for indigent children in the war zone. Your donation will be used to obtain baby food and medicines for children in orphanages, I will send you a more detailed report within the week.

With best wishes and thanks for your beneficent assistance.

Director of the DGBF “Dobrota”
Jacob Rogalin


From an interview with Jacob Rogalin:

“Our foundation extends charitable assistance exclusively to the peaceful population, without regard to political, ethnic, religious or other predilection. As a rule, our aid recipients are ultimately the wretched and dispossessed children of Donbass. We work with partners who are rendering aid to the sick, to invalids, and to refugees. Nearly every day, we receive appeals for help from tens of children’s hospitals, orphanages, refuges, foster homes, and societies of the handicapped... Of course, despite the fact that they know me, they still ask questions: some ask whether money will go to separatists, and others, whether it will go to the Bandera supporters.
However, benefactors have no reservations when it comes to aiding children, and what kind of family they come from, who their parents are, make no difference. Often they have no parents, and that is unquestionably a unifying theme. Something within us says that helping a dispossessed child is something good. It is kindness.”

On Feb. 26th we sent “Dobrota” another $2,000 to assist the children of Donetsk.

On March 1, the first Sunday of Great Lent, our Holy Protection Sisterhood served a luncheon to benefit the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department of Charitable Activities and Social Service. This yielded contributions of $2,000. The following is that a letter expressing the Department’s thanks for this donation:

“Dear Fr. Victor, Greetings!

Thank you for your blessing, and your help and participation in organizing a benefit luncheon on the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy!

It is a source of great joy that you and your parishioners, located in a foreign country on a different continent, support us at this difficult time!

For our social work (and in part for the volunteer service toward which funds were being collected) this is truly priceless assistance!

May God keep you!

With respect and love in the Lord,
Igor Kulikov,
Director of remote education training and coordination
for the Department of Charitable Activities and Social Work
of the Russian Orthodox


Following each Liturgy on March 8, special plate collections were made at the Cross to beneifit the family of Fr. Matthew Baker, an Orthodox priest who tragically perished in an automobile accident on February 28. Fr. Matthew, who was 37, served in a parish in Norwich, Connecticut. Although he was young, he was a very promising scholar. He taught theological courses at the Greek College of the Holy Cross in Boston. We offer our condolences to his matushka Katherine and to their six children. The collections, and proceeds from benefit luncheons following each Liturgy on March 8 yielded a total of $4500. Earlier we sent $1000 for a grand total of $5500. May our departed servant in God’s Altar be heir to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Alexey Bykon, a priest from Russia who is currently serving in a ROCOR parish in Brooklyn, collected almost the full cost ($42,500), of having an operation performed on his grievously ill little daughter in Cyprus. In America, the operation would have been three times as expensive.

Here is his little daughter’s history:

The newborn had to fight for her life from its earliest moments.

The first sonograms revealed lumbar spinal cord herniation (spina bifida) and hydrocephalus. The physicians held out no hope for the child to live.

An operation at the Romodanov Neurosurgical Institute in Kiev successfully corrected the congenital pathology. At the Kiev Orthopedic Institute, Evdokia underwent treatment for dysplasia of the pelvis/hip joints. Any parent wants his child to be healthy, and will do everything possible to see that the child will be sound, and able to enjoy life. At a Philadelphia ophthalmological clinic (CHOP), surgery was performed to correct strabismus. The operation was a success, and preserved Evdokia’s eyesight. She also regularly had therapy in Germany.

The program of rehabilitation showed positive results. Evdokia taught herself to sit up, and was able to learn to crawl without assistance.

We have donated $1,000 to the Bykon family to help with the cost of treating their daughter Evdokia; the funds came from the proceeds of the Tatiana Ball.

At the Russian Embassy

2650 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC, 20007

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