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The Benevolent Fund is inspired by the holy hierarch St. John of Shanghai of San Francisco, who came to Washington, DC to ask Congress to come to the relief of housands of refugees stranded on an island in the Philippines while fleeing the horrors of communist regimes of the USSR and the Red China. St. John dedicated his life to selflessly helping others through endless compassion, kindness and love – the very same virtues and qualities that stand at the foundation of the Benevolent Fund.

Ever since its establishment in 1949, the fund supported numerous charitable initiatives and assisted thousands of hardship-torn individuals and families across the world, including refugees, those escaping persecution for their faith, victims of natural disasters, children in need, the ill and the homeless. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, one hundred percent of all proceeds from events and individual donations go toward a good cause.

We are confident that the Annual Tatiana Ball you are attending and the support you are showing will help continue with our tradition of doing good for others. The proceeds generated at this evening's function will be used to help children in need.

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