The Tatiana Ball is dedicated to the memory of Princess Selene “Evdokia” Obolensky who passed away in 2014. For over 40 years, Selene along with her husband, the late Prince Alexis Nikolaevich Obolensky were the heart and soul of the Russian community and Washington society. Selene Rowntree, born and bred in Alabama, fervently embraced her husband's distinguished Russian ancestry and his cultural and spiritual roots. She served on many Russian foundation boards and helped raise awareness and financial support for a multitude of Russian charitable causes. She was an incredible combination of a Southern belle and a Russian princess in exile. Over the years, through some of the darkest days of Russian-American relations, Selene Obolensky's commitment never faltered . She continued to foster bridges of understanding through cultural and charitable events. In her later years, Selene was totally devoted to her husband's ancestral home, "Berezichi" in the Kaluga Province. The Prince A.D. Obolensky School for Special Needs Children, located on the grounds of the former estate, became her passion and principal fundraising activity.

For over 40 years, Washington society reveled in the Russian New Year's Ball held annually at the Mayflower Hotel. It was conceived by the Obolensky's. They breathed life into it and turned it into one of the most popular and elegant social events of the season. Selene strongly believed that the torch should pass to a new generations of Russians and gave her blessing and support to the young people of our community to begin a new tradition. The Tatiana Ball is its reinvention -- a commitment to Russian cultural traditions and support for charitable causes. Princess Obolensky's spirit lives on.

Vechnay Pam'jat' and Eternal Memory to an unforgettable lady!

Why Tatiana

At the Russian Embassy

2650 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC, 20007

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